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12 Jun

Jimmy DeGrasso is Back With Alice Cooper

Pearl artist, Jimmy DeGrasso and legendary rocker Alice Cooper have joined forces again to take the world by storm with a long list of tour dates that will keep them rocking to the masses for the entire summer. As you may recall, Jimmy and Alice were teamed up starting back in 1995 and Jimmy remained a permanent fixture with Alice Cooper up until he parted ways and joined up with another multi-platinum act, Megadeth, in 1999. Pearl artist, Eric Singer took the throne after Jimmy parted ways with Alice Cooper, and he continues to be the backbone to Cooper when he isn’t fulfilling previous obligations with KISS.

Before Jimmy received the call for Alice Cooper, he had recently been playing, touring, and recording with several acts including F5 and Hail, as well as performing drum clinics around the world. Outside of the life on the road, Jimmy has also spent the last 5 years building up his drum shop, San Jose Pro Drum, which has the reputation for being the one-stop-shop for drummers of all ages and skill levels. This summer Jimmy will be out slamming on his custom Orange Sparkle Reference Series kit which Jimmy had made during his campaign on the David Lee Roth tours back in 2006. Jimmy’s kit specs are as follow:

Reference Series in custom Orange Sparkle:
22x18 bass drum x 2
8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
13x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
15x15 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5.5 Jimmy Degrasso Signature Snare Drum
6x12 quarter tom
6x15 quarter tom

To see and hear this incredible kit, and incredible drummer, in action head out to one of Alice Cooper’s many concerts this summer; they will be touring the majority of the globe over the course of the next 6months. For more information on Alice Cooper, please visit or For more information on Jimmy DeGrasso, please visit

Alice Cooper
Tour 2009 : Europe
05.16.09 Vitoria-gasteiz ES
06.14.09 St. Petersburg RU
06.17.09 Rostov-on-don RU
06.18.09 Ekaterinburg RU
06.20.09 Novosibirsk RU
06.21.09 Khabarovsk RU
06.24.09 Vladivostok RU
06.24.09 Krasnoyarsk RU
06.28.09 Moscow RU
06.30.09 Minsk BY
07.02.09 Kiev UA
07.04.09 Skaanevik NO
07.08.09 Montreux CH
07.09.09 Zottegem BE
07.12.09 Limassol CY

Tour 2009 : North America
07.31.09 Elizabeth IN
08.01.09 Columbus OH
08.02.09 Toledo OH
08.04.09 Clearfield PA
08.06.09 Wausau WI
08.07.09 Kansas City MO
08.08.09 Davenport IA
08.09.09 South Bend IN
08.11.09 Jackson MI
08.13.09 Sioux Falls SD

Tour 2009 : Australia
08.18.09 Wollongong NSW
08.21.09 Newcastle NSW
08.22.09 Brisbane QLD
08.24.09 Sydney NSW
08.26.09 Canberra ACT
08.27.09 Melbourne VIC
08.28.09 Melbourne VIC
08.29.09 Adelaide SA 
09.01.09 Perth WA AU
09.04.09 Auckland NZ