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04 Sep

HURT Puts the Hurt on Hollywood

Louie Sciancalepore and HURT rolled through town last Wednesday playing the Roxy on Sunset for a last minute show. Recently coming off a co-headlining tour with Sick Puppies, which ventured around the States, Hurt felt like they needed to expand their tour schedule for the unfortunate people on the West Coast that didn’t get a stop on the last tour. Luckily, for us Los Angelinos, HURT came this way to rock out for us in the only way they know possible, proving to us why they continue to sell out venue after venue, night after night.

Louie Sciancalepore is the ever present drummer of Hurt. His hard hitting and rock solid time keeping are the backbone to this band and part of the main reason why they have been a dominant name on the charts throughout the summer. Louie is out slamming on a Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit with 6 plies of maple for extra warmth and depth. The sizes he is currently using are a 12x9 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 floor tom, and a 22x18 kick. For snares, Louie switches off between a 14x6.5 brass and a 14x6.5 Sensitone steel snare for added volume, crack, and body. Louie is also currently out rocking the new Pearl Eliminator Demon Drives for extra versatility, power, accuracy, and feel.

Hurt is going to be on the road finishing up this leg of the tour until September 13th. However, due to their high demand, rocking show, and hit songs, they’re bound to be back on the road in no time. Until then, please visit their websites for any news and upcoming tour dates at or