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26 Jun

How to Learn Songs Quickly with Casey Cooper

Pearl Artist and drumming sensation, Casey Cooper- or, COOP3RDRUMM3R, as he is more commonly known in the drumming world- recently sat down with the fine folks at Drumeo to discuss his methodical process of learning cover songs.  Casey Cooper is the king of the cover song, turning his passion of play-alongs into a highly publicized profession with a YouTube Channel that has garnered nearly 700,000 subscribers, over 126 million (yes, million) views over the course of Casey’s 750 videos.  With the high demand of the World Wide Web, Casey has taken on the challenge of fan requests from his YouTube subscribers, opening a massive arsenal of potentially unfamiliar material in which Casey was not-only required to learn, but required to master and replicate.  So, when Drumeo- the internet’s ultimate online drum lesson experience- was looking to teach the topic, “How to Learn Songs Quickly”, teaming up with Casey Cooper was a no brainer.  Casey Cooper’s video lesson can be viewed below.

In the video, Casey Cooper was wailing away on a custom Masters MCX drum set, finished in Walnut Lacquer, and configured in a 3-up, 2-down setup, topped off with a 14x6.5 Masters MCX snare drum and Demon Drive pedals, and supported by Pearl’s rock-solid ICON Rack System. More information on Casey Cooper, including his full kit specs, can be found here.