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17 Apr

Hinder Continues to Rock the Charts

Pearl artist Cody Hanson, and Hinder, are up to their usual ways of non-stop touring, crazy partying, and dominating the charts with hit song after hit song. After breaking into the charts with their hit single “Lips of an Angel” in 2007, Hinder has dominated the rock music scene with a fury and passion that inspires the thousands they play to every night to sing along. "We're hoping to be the band to get people into rock again," says Cody Hanson, drummer, and after selling millions of albums worldwide it’s safe to say the outcome has been a major success.

Cody Hanson is the steady but ferocious time-keeper behind the chart topping rock band, and his hard hitting and (very) loud playing is what reminds many of the 80’s bands that have inspired most of us to pick up an instrument. Cody’s kit is a Pearl Reference series kit with a custom airbrushed flaming skull finish. The sizes that he plays are a massive sounding 24x18 kick drum, a punchy and warm sounding 12x8 rack tom, and a deep and low pitched 16x16 floor tom. Cody has several snare drums to choose from every night but, as of recently, he has preferred to use his 14x6.5 Pearl Reference Series Brass snare to provide the extra crack to cut through the loud guitars and deep bass.

Hinder will be out this summer playing main support to Nickelback which will be coming to an amphitheater around you. Their current album, “Take it to the Limit”, has been climbing the charts since its release in November of 2008. The single, “Up All Night” has made it to the charts for 14 consecutive weeks, currently residing at number 16; this is Hinder’s second hit off of “Take it to the Limit’.