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18 May

Fausto Cuevas Clinic Review

From Jonathan Herbert (drum department manager) "Fausto Cuevas' clinic on Tuesday, May 12th was a fantastic event! It was attended by about 120+ people and was deemed "the best clinic ever" by more than one customer that evening. Fausto covered the history of the bongos, congas, and timbales along with the formal names and gender of the drums. (yes gender... we didn't have to turn them over to tell).

It was nothing short of amazing to hear over 100 people clapping the clave beat together! Fausto covered basic patterns on each instument and anwered enough questions to fill a book. Then to top the evening off, a few of Fausto's friends joined him on stage and proceeded to bring the house down! Thanks to all involved, it was a BLAST!"

Our thanks to Fausto & Friends, Jonathan, and everyone at Sam Ash!