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04 May

Craig Nunenmacher and Black Label Society Return to the Stage

For the past couple of months, two of Pearls finest rock artists have been sharing the stage and rocking to thousands of fans in sold out theaters night after night. For those fans lucky enough to get in the doors of these events they were treated to the likes of Sevendust, with Morgan Rose, and the legendary Black Label Society, featuring Craig Nunenmacher.
Sevendust was the first of these powerhouse bands to take the stage that night and they set the bar high, ripping through each song with a tremendous force of power and energy. Morgan Rose, was providing his usual showmanship through his hard hitting and flipping of the sticks which always seems to please the crowd and amaze everyone in attendance. He was out playing his custom Blue Sparkle Masterworks kit which is made of a combination of mahogany and maple shells in sizes 10x9, and 12x10 on the rack toms, and 14x14 and 16x16 on the floor toms. For his snare he was using his 14x5 steel signature snare for the perfect amount of crack and cut through the mix. As if the crowd wasn’t cheering loud enough in approval for the pandemonium Sevendust created, as they were exiting, a giant Black Label Society banner dropped over the entire stage sending the crowd into an anxious cheer like no other.
As the loud chant of, “BLS” echoed throughout the building, the house lights dimmed and the air quickly filled with the sound of 3,000 fans screaming in excitement for the legendary band to take the stage. As the curtain dropped, BLS torn into their first song whipping the crowd into a frenzy like I’ve never seen. From the front row of the pit, all the way to the last row of the mezzanine, this crowd was going off the wall screaming the lyrics of each song back to Zakk sometimes even overpowering the PA system.  
The centerpiece of the massive stage set-up was the backbone of the band, Craig Nunenmacher and his striking Pearl Masterworks kit. Surrounded by rows and rows of seemingly endless guitar and bass amplifiers was the drum riser, and seeing as Black Label Society didn’t hold back with their huge stage production, neither did Craig with his drum set up. He is currently out on the road with his Pearl Masterworks kit which is made of 8 ply Maple shells and is finished in a classy looking Piano Black lacquer with gold hardware. 
His set-up and drum sizes are as follow:

12x10 rack tom
14x10 rack tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
(2)24x18 bass drums
14x6.5 BRX Masters Series snare

In keeping with tradition of the BLS sound, Craig has his kit with bigger sized drums than traditional drum set configurations, and a thicker ply count than most maple series drums. This made for a beautiful amount of warmth around the kit and it also helped to pull more lows out of the bigger drums. The massive 24x18 kick drums sounded big and deep and you could feel the punch of the drums in your chest every time he slammed down on them. The 14x6.5 Masters BRX snare is the perfect drum for the band, whose songs desire a full bodied snare tone with a loud crack and attack.

From the strum of the first song, through the honoring of their dear friend Dimebag Darrell, to the ringing of the final note; Black Label Society came, saw, and conquered Los Angeles. All in attendance received what they asked for as well, a night of metal featuring squealing guitar riffs and thundering drum tones. As the final notes played out and the band descended backstage the crowd begged for more, and for good reason, Black Label Society is a legendary metal band and they just proved why they have that reputation.