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17 Feb

Chevelle Records With Demon Drive

Sam Loeffler and Chevelle are currently hidden away in a Nashville studio with producer Brian Virtue recording the follow-up to their highly successful Vena Sera. Before the microphones were put up, Sam stopped by Pearl Headquarters to finally check out the Demon Drive Pedal... (after all, he's heard so much about it from us!) Wanting to spead some time with it, he took it to the studio and put it on the acrylic practice kit he purchased while in Nashville. A few adjustments later, Oskar was ready to make his debut in the studio!

Complimented with his Masterworks Series Silver Sparkle kit, Sam is meticulously putting together drum parts that will redefine his playing. Now that the band has made their way through the bulk of the recording process, Sam talks about his first impressions with the Demon Drive Pedal, "Just putting my feet on them, they were definitely tighter and already faster than what I'm used to." The combination of the Demon Drive's Direct Link and low friction Ninja Bearings offer unparalleled reaction time between the player and the pedal. A quick move of the Direct Link position from the rear Power position to the front Finesse position takes no time at all.

"When I put my foot down on a double pedal there is usually a little bit of play but this has a really tight feel." This is due to the Z-Link Drive Shaft that provides flex-free energy transference for precise feel. He also noticed the slight convex shape of the traction plate, "I can feel the shape of the footboard and it's surprising cause I usually have to use grip tape to secure my foot."  

Although he plans to take them on Chevelle's upcoming world tour, Sam admits that he'll have to explore all of the pedal's options, "I still have to break them in a little bit. I'll get the pedal set-up where I like it and Dean (Chevelle bassist & accomplished drummer) will come in and say he hates it!" (laughs)

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