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21 Jan

Bill Cahn Returns to Showa Academy

Bill Cahn, a founding member of the NEXUS percussion quintet (1971 to present) and   former Principal Percussionist in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (1968 to 1995), returned to Japan for his seventh residency at the Showa Music Academy in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.  Bill first visited the Showa Academy in 1998 sharing his musical insights with the school’s collegiate percussion students.  Bill’s visit supplemented the percussion department’s regular staff of four professors.

The Showa Academy of Music is a state-of-the-art campus in Kawasaki located close to the Shin-Yurigaoka train station.  The school is furnished with a large concert hall, two recital halls, large ensemble rehearsal rooms, opera facilities and roomy studios and practice areas.

Bill’s activities during his 2-week residency included:
          • “Creative Music Making” workshops in freeform improvisation,
               based on his book of the same title (Routledge, 2005)
          • private lessons for the school’s percussion students, and
          • ensemble coaching
Student performances included Bill’s compositions and arrangements played by the Showa Marimba Ensemble.

More information about this residency in Japan can be found on Bill Cahn’s blog at: