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03 Nov

Alice Cooper's Theatre of Death Comes to LA

The legendary Alice Cooper is one of the biggest influences of American rock/metal of all time. With a career spanning over 38 years, which includes 25 studio albums and thousands of international concerts, Alice Cooper has transformed live music into the theater-like performances that are sought after by every musician and band of the modern day. With his live theatrics including dark acts of brutality and gory props such as an electric chair and guillotines, Alice Cooper continues to amaze and shock thousands of fans every night.

Within the past year, Alice Cooper has toured the world around with Pearl artist Jimmy Degrasso. For Jimmy, this is his third stint with Cooper, taking the gig from 1995-1998 and returning briefly in 2001. Late in 2008, Jimmy got the call again from Alice after Eric Singer needed to fulfill his obligations with KISS, and Jimmy and Alice have been on the road ever since. Over one year, and one World tour later, Jimmy doesn’t seem to be slowing down or stopping any time soon, especially when playing to thousands of the most devout fans on the planet.

Jimmy’s kit for this past world tour is the custom Orange Sparkle Reference Series kit that we have seen him rocking with David Lee Roth back in 2006. However, Jimmy recently made a couple of changes to his setup, adding a 20x16 gong drum and 2- 24x15 kick drums. His full specs are as follow:

Reference Series in custom Orange Sparkle:
24x15 bass drum x 2
8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
13x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5.5 Jimmy Degrasso Signature Snare Drum
6x12 quarter tom
6x15 quarter tom
20x16 gong drum

The switch from the 22x18 kick-drums that usually accompany this kit came about when Jimmy was looking for a little more power, punch, and attack from his bass drums. Wanting to get the feel of a 22” but with the push of a 24”, Jimmy decided to try the experimental size on his kit after using Eric Singer’s kit (with 24x15 kick drums) during the later part of Alice Cooper’s 2008 tour.

Alice Cooper’s US leg of the current World tour is quickly coming to a close however, starting November 18th; The Theatre of Death Tour will be heading overseas for a month long run before the year’s end. Please visit and for news, information, and tour dates.