Double Pedal Drive Shafts

Drum Pedals Accessories

Double Pedal Drive Shafts

For Utility and Precision, Pearl Universal Drive Shafts Deliver Double-Bass Feel in a Single-Kick Format.


Drum Pedals Accessories

Double Pedal Drive Shafts

For the same, Zero-Latency feel from the Auxiliary pedal as the main bass drum pedal, the Pearl's Universal Drive Shafts feature precision construction that delivers like no other.


Z-Link (DS300A) and PowerShifter (DS230A) Universal Drive Shafts

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For the ultimate in double-pedal drive and feel, the machined aluminum construction of the Z-Link Universal Joint (DS300A) features strict tolerances in every moving part to eliminate rattle, give, or play in performance. This assures a more precise stroke and matching feel from both pedals. 

Z-Link is included on all Demon Drive Double Pedals, and can be added to improve the performance of any Pearl Double Pedal.

Pearl's Standard Universal Drive Joint (DS230A) is standard on all Eliminator and PowerShifter Double Bass Drum Pedals and features smooth, reliable joint flexibility and adjustable length.


13" (Minimum) 22" (Maximum)