Reference-Inspired Blended Shell Construction.

Export Lacquer's powerful shell blend of Dark Asian Mahogany and White Poplar yields high volume resonance and sustained low frequency wallop. A perfect drum kit for the beginning player or serious student.

  • Powerful Resonance and Sustain

    Reacts quickly to the stroke with resonant highs and booming lows. 

  • 45° Bearing Edge

    For superbly articulate sensitivity and enriched tonal spread.

  • Features Far Beyond Its Price.

    Pearl's UV-cured lacquer finish makes the veneer grade Birch outer shine.


Designed For Your Best Performance.

Export’s improved shell hardware assures optimum tonal performance and rock solid durability.  

  • Strong Appointments

    Include Pearl's benchmark-setting lugs, claw hooks, and hoops.

  • Opti-Loc Mounting System

    Three point tom isolation for rock solid play and prime sustain.

  • Geared, Locking Tom Arms

    Pearl's 7/8" Mounting Arms deliver stable, solid positioning.


Fueling the Fire for Future Drumming Icons.

Features a Reference-Inspired SST Shell blend for high volume resonance and sustained low end punch.

  • 6-ply Poplar/Mahogany Shell

    7.5mm Shell delivers cracking punch and dry sensitivity.


    A sleek dual lug for accurate tuning and increased tonal snap.

  • SR700 Snare Strainer

    Smooth, reliable snare strainer efficient action.


Sturdy Performance in a Lightweight Package

Export Lacquer comes complete with gig ready cymbal, cymbal boom, snare, and hi-hat stands (as well as the most advanced bass drum pedal in its class). Featuring flexible gearless adjustments, multi joint positioning, and the upgraded speed of the P930 Demon style bass drum pedal, the 830 Series double braced hardware pack is an excellent way to begin for the student or advancing player.

  • Double Braced Legs

    Trident-style 830 tripod base gives a solid foundation. 

  • Demon Style Bass Drum Pedal

    Ultra fast chain-drive action and high speed feel.

  • Uni-Lock Tilters

    Deliver smooth, gearless positioning at any locked angle.


The Natural Beauty of Birch.

Export Lacquer's blended shells feature an outer ply of veneer-quality Birch for a high-end look and presence. 

Exportlacquer_EXL 211_Azure Daybreak
  • Figured Birch Outer

    A gorgeous visual complement to Export's stellar sound.

  • Multi-Step Lacquer Finish

    Quality Satin Lacquer finish treatments. 

  • Solids, Bursts, and Fades.

    Choose from four unique and show-worthy finish options.



20x16 Bass Drum

10x7 and 12x8 Toms

14x14 Floor Tom

14x5.5 Snare Drum

Includes HWP830 Hardware Pack & SABIAN SBR Cymbalpack


22x18 Bass Drum

10x7 and 12x8 Toms

16x16 Floor Tom

14x5.5 Snare Drum

Includes HWP830 Hardware Pack & SABIAN SBR Cymbalpack


22x18 Bass Drum

12x8 and 13x9 Toms

16x16 Floor Tom

14x5.5 Snare Drum

Includes HWP-830 Hardware Pack & SABIAN SBR Cymbalpack