Explore the Sonic Space.

The Masterworks Custom Creative Process.

Letting you explore literally hundreds of options in sculpting your own unique drum build and look, Masterworks Custom gives you the freedom to customize a sound that is completely your own. The creative process begins with crafting your ideal shell construction from our finest hand selected shell veneers.

  • Shell Wood Selection

    Choose a custom layup from four premium veneer types.

  • Bearing Edge Type

    Five sound-sculpting edge profiles are available.

  • Thickness Options

    For precise tonal character, sustain, and projection.



Configure your perfect visual statement from a virtually unlimited palette of customized finish options. Our Masterworks imaging and finishing team can make it a reality over your choice of hand matched exteriors or one of our luxurious Artisan Exotic veneers.

Pearl Masterworks Finishes
  • Design Your Own Look

    A nearly limitless array of finish possibilities.

  • Custom Graphics

    With Pearl's exclusive Artisan II process.

  • Luxurious Exotics

    Inspired imported Artisan veneers define opulence.