Tobias Nesarajah


Tobias Nesarajah

Tobines Drums

Tobias Nesarajah

Tobines Drums

Country:   United Kingdom Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Tobines is an English drummer and producer from Manchester, UK. His lifetime passion of drumming brought him to sharing unique and intense drum videos on Youtube, where he hopes to share inspire creativity and energy.



CRB Crystal Beat

Ultra Clear #730

22"x16" Bass Drum

12"x8" Tom

14"x13" Floor Tom

16"x15" Floor Tom


8"x7" Masters Maple Tom

14"x8" Free Floating Aluminium Snare

13"x3" Steel Effect Piccolo Snare



P-3002C Demon Drive Chain Double Pedal

H-2050 Hi-Hat Stand

S-930D Snare Stand

BC-2030 Boom Stands