Raphaela "Ra Tache" Tachenko

Raphaela "Ra Tache" Tachenko

Raphaela "Ra Tache" Tachenko


Raphaela "Ra Tache" Tachenko


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Born in Ponta Grossa (Brazil), she got involved into music at an early age. When she was 6, she self-taught to play piano and some time later also learned how to play guitar. With an innate ability for music and a very good ear, she discovered that she could play rhythms on drums... again self-taught.

She moved to Spain as a child, where she collaborated with some bands and started national touring as a drummer. In 2017 she joined Ankor, an alternative metal band from Catalonia/Spain, where she also plays piano, composes and produces. They have toured Europe and Asia and have a fast-growing fan base.


What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Drums?

Super smooth pedals, the TONE of kick and toms, very powerful sounding snare and the best hardware in the world!

Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums?

Dominic Howard (Muse), Alexandre Aposan (Oficina G3), Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Gabe Helguera (I Prevail)

Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow, who has caught you eye?

Gabe Helguera!

What do you like most about being a drummer?

The energy and the creativity you can express on a drum kit.

What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show?

To have a cymbal stand fell from the riser. That was before Pearl!

What do you practice and for how long?

Less than I should!

What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry?

Have fun and listen to all kinds of music.

If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be?

I would love to play with Ariana Grande!




MCT Masters Maple Complete

Matte Caviar Black #339

a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (MCT2218BX/C)

b 12" x 10" Tom (MCT1210T/C)

c 16" x 16" Floor Tom (MCT1616F/C)

d 18" x 16" Floor Tom (MCT1816F/C)

e 14" x 6.5" Reference Snare Drum (RF1465S)