Dani Löble

Dani Löble

Dani Löble


Dani Löble


Country:   Germany Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Since joining  German´s Metal Legend HELLOWEEN in 2005 Dani is touring around the World all the time!!! Growing up in a musical family it wasn´t that strange that Dani considered to become a musician. To practice really hard was the key to his current career.

Dani has previously played with Blaze Bailey (former singer of Iron Maiden),Tilo Herrmann of Running Wild, Rawhead Rexx and Glenmore until he landed on HELLOWEEN’s drum chair in 2005. After recording the closing chapter of the legendary “Keeper-saga” entitled “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part III-The Legacy” and the Live CD/DVD-set “ Live On Three Continents “ also can be heard playing drums on the new HELLOWEEN-studio album “ Gambling With The Devil.

The readers of Japan´s biggest rock-magazine, BURRN!, have voted Dani as one of the 30 best drummers :
For the year 2007 – Dani was named # 3 !!!! And for the year 2005 - Dani was named #10 !!!! Also Dani is still doing studio sessions and clinics for Pearl drums as well.



Drum Set:

a 22" x 18" Bass Drum x2

b 10" x 9" Tom 

c 12" x 10" Tom 

d 13" x 10" Tom 

e 16" x 16" Floor Tom 

f 18" x 16" Floor Tom 

g 14" x 6,5" Brass Sensitone Snare Drum (STE1465BR)

h 6" x 12" Rocket Toms (AL-612)

i 6" x 12" Rocket Toms (AL-612)

j 6" x 15" Rocket Toms (AL-615)

k 6" x 18" Rocket Toms (AL-618)

l 6" x 21" Rocket Toms (AL-621)



H-2050 Hi-Hat Stand

HA-130 Bass Drum Hi-Hat Adapter

CLH-930 Closed Hi-Hat

S-1030 Snare Stand

P-2050C Eliminator RedLine Single Pedal x2

D-2050 Drum Throne

TH-1030S Tom Holder x3

TH-900I Tom Holder x2

TH-1030I Tom Holder x3

CH-70 Cymbal Holder x2

CH-1030B Cymbal Holder x14

DR-511C Icon Drum Rack x2

DR-511CE Icon Rack Expansion Bar Curved x4

RJ-50 Rack Joint x2

PCL-100 Pipe Clamp x4

PCX-100 Rack Clamp x17

PCX-200 Tilting Rack Clamp x7

AX-28 Adapter

AX-25L Adapter x4

AX-25 Adapter x4