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Stella Mozgawa
Mink - United States


"We're totally ready," says MINK singer Neal Carlson.

"To play until the end of time," drummer Stella Mozgawa continues. "Until the end of the universe."

The band has clearly hit the ground running. Formed just a blink ago in Spring 2006, MINK has already written more than 60 songs (30 of them in one intense three week stretch), recorded their debut album in just four weeks (with noted producer Sylvia Massy of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tool fame), shot one of the most fun videos of recent times for its infectious song "Talk to Me" with director Christian Lamb (Madonna, Korn, Kelly Clarkson, Incubus), had another song "Pressure Pressure" featured nightly in ESPN's 2006 Major League baseball playoffs coverage, and has established itself as one of the most exciting new live acts on the scene both in its own club shows and opening big-venue concerts by Angels & Airwaves among others.

And all that whilst going back and forth between New York (from where Carlson hails) and Australia (home to drummer Mozgawa, lead guitarist Nick Maybury, and bassist Grant Fitzpatrick).

The members come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from the garage-rock, punk, solo and experimental backgrounds of Carlson, Fitzpatrick and Mozgawa to the formal jazz studies of Maybury. And though members cite influences and favorites ranging from classic punk to Prince to Bjork to Miles Davis, a chemical bond formed instantly that gave Mink their own enticing character.

The first single, "Talk to Me," has been spinning on over 50 Alternative and modern rock stations across the US, and is the perfect Mink introduction. Mink's sound is free of the gimmicks and production tricks that infect so much rock these days. Instead, this is all about the natural talents of the musicians and dynamics of the band. On "Dematerialize," Carlson flashes the arid bite of a Mick Jagger or Lou Reed, while "Pills" has choruses comparable to David Bowie at his Ziggy Stardust rocking-est. "Jodi" has a soaring pop chorus riding a wave of crunchy guitar-rock. And live, "Get it Right" showcases Mozgawa's awesome power.

Now Mink are bringing their music to an increasing legion of fans, and they've hit the ground running. After dates with KISS, a Lollapalooza performance, and a recent tour supporting Perry Ferrell's Satellite Party, their guitar driven rock album debuted August 28, 2007. Mink are now setting the pace...

Until the end of the universe.



Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Crystal Rain
22x16 bass drum
13x11 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5 snare drum

B1000 boom stand x 3
S2000 snare stand x 2
D1000 throne
H2000 hi-hat stand