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Mindy DuPonte
MINY - United States


Mindy DuPonte is a heavy hitter who began playing before live audiences in the sister metal duo Hellen. This lead singer/ drummer position earned Mindy a heavy volume of local and international media attention along with major endorsements from drum companies like Pearl, Vic Firth, and more. DRUMHEAD Magazine stated that "With an unorthodox and aggressive approach to drumming, combined with her distinctive vocal sound, Mindy gives her fans a unique and entertaining experience at every gig." Hellen continued receiving praise for their CD releases, "Confessions of a Four Track Mind", "Sorry for Screaming", and for their live shows until 2011 when the band decided to go on hiatus. Mindy is currently based in Los Angeles pursuing a pop/rock career under the name Miny.



Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Arctic White
24x18 bass drum
13x10 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Ian Paice Signature Snare