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Charles Shelton
Independent - United States


Courtsey of - "My name is Charles Shelton, Jr. I am a 23 year old, left-handed drummer. I am known for my quick, but controlled, foot and hand speed.The Lord has always had a calling on my life. I’ve been playing with spoons on tables, toys, pots & pans ever since I could sit up. It didn’t matter if I didn’t have anything to beat with or beat on – I’d play drums in the air!  Some people thought I was crazy, but the Lord was preparing me to be his musician. Even from a early age, I have amazed people with the talent the Lord has given me.

In high school, I donated more than 5,000 hours of community service for various church services and events.  For many years, while my father was a Pastor, I was the main drummer and also became his organist.  I have been playing the keys now for about six years.  I am anointed and appointed by God to help usher in the spirit of praise and worship and help break down the walls of demonic strongholds by using various drum beats and music as I hear them from above (prophetically).  I have a special talent to make the drums talk with superior showmanship.

My interests include drumming, playing the organ/keyboard, church, weightlifting, basketball, football, beach trips, my dog and, most importantly, serving the Lord."