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Duo Percussion
Ontario - Canada


Duo Percussion is a professional percussion pairing known for their eclectic and high-energy performances. Using traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments they present diverse programs of classical, contemporary and Canadian music. Founded by Brennan Connolly and Dave Robilliard, Duo Percussion is dedicated to expanding the percussion duo repertoire and attracting new audiences. Having commissioned a number of works by Canadian composers, they are committed to musical excellence and have a passion for fostering creativity.

Recognized for their educational work, Duo Percussion has performed and given workshops for numerous schools and community groups across Ontario. Founded in the spring of 2008, they were first engaged to perform at a secondary school in Ontario and with an outstanding response, the demand for the group was immediate. Now frequently engaged by schools throughout the region, the duo also performs in concert halls and community venues both in Canada and internationally. Recent appearances include the New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts, the Bach Music Festival of Canada, the Wolf Performance Hall in London, ON and the Ontario Music Educator’s 2012 Annual Conference. This coming May 2013, they will be the resident ensemble for the EduConcert series at MusicFest Canada in Toronto.

Duo Percussion is committed to furthering the education of aspiring young students. With concerts and workshops tailored to suit various educational levels, Duo Percussion has been able to help inspire and enhance the abilities of many young audiences by exposing them to a unique genre of music and immersing them into the world of percussion. The duo’s diverse programming uses common percussion instruments as well as innovative items found in daily activities in order to develop the limitless possibilities of percussion music. This motivates and fosters students with their exploratory and creativity skill set, as well as expands their musicianship.

Duo Percussion is proud to be endorsed by Pearl/Adams Drums and Concert Percussion and DREAM Cymbals and Gongs.


Duo Percussion

Equipment Configuration

5.0 Adams Artist Classic Marimba (MAHC50)
3.0 Adams Concert Vibraphone  (CV-1)

Philharmonic Concert Bass Drum - 28"x14"  (PBA2814)
Philharmonic Double Headed Concert Toms - (PTA0808D, PTA1010D, PTA1311D, PTA1410D)
Philharmonic Ply Maple Concert Snare Drum - 14"x6.5"  (PHP1465)
Philharmonic Beaded Brass Concert Snare Drum - 14"x5 (PHB1450)
Symphonic Maple Concert Snare Drum - 14"x5.5"  (SYP1455)

Masters MCX  - MCX 904XP  with  MCX 14x5.5 Snare
Vision VML - VML905P