Pearl Drums
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Specialty Items Crystal Beat Concert Toms


Reviving a classic look and sound, Pearl’s revolutionary seamless Acrylic Crystal Beat drums are being expanded to include single-headed Concert Toms. Available in sizes 6” to 16” in traditional depths, these molded melodic toms in stunning Ultra Clear (#730) create an instantly versatile expansion to any existing drum set. Single-headed toms were a big part of Pearl’s product offering in the late 70’s. With drier, staccato tonality back in the current musical landscape, Crystal Beat Concert Toms deliver an exceptional tonal and visual statement.

Fortified for today's power player, Pearl’s new Crystal Beat drums will begin shipping to USA dealers starting in early Q4, 2016.

  • CRB0655ST/C730 6x5.5
  • CRB0855ST/C730 8x5.5
  • CRB1065ST/C730 10x6.5
  • CRB1208ST/C730 12x8
  • CRB1309ST/C730 13x9
  • CRB1410ST/C730 14x10
  • CRB1612ST/C730 16x14
  • 100% Acrylic Shell
  • Chrome lugs
  • SuperHoop II
  • #730 Ultra Clear