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Music City Custom Reference Spec


What if each drum in your drum set was engineered as an instrument unto itself? What if each tom was designed to respond perfectly within the confines of its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of your kit? This is the mission behind Reference Series: A complete set of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums.  

6-inner plies of Birch unite with 14 outer plies of Maple for a staggeringly thick 20-ply shell. A 45 degree bearing edge creates a tightly focused shell contact area for extreme sensitivity and maximum volume.

The Reference snare drums achieve superior tuning by employing Reference BRL swivel lugs, which allow for perfect tension rod alignment and head seating. Each snare comes equipped with the new 1.6mm Fat Tone hoops.Resonance is increased by the hemmed and welded edge that adds strength at the point of contact for remarkable rim shots and cross sticking.

All Reference snare drums feature Pearl's SR1000 Glide-Lock Strainer, which includes a locking throw-off lever and tension knob that won't loosen no matter how hard you play. Low-friction technology permits smooth gliding action for ultra-quiet, super precise strainer motion.

On the bottom head, the UltraSound SN1420D Graduated Tension Snares gives you extended dynamic range and sensitivity. Matching your snare to your kit is possible, as these snares are offered in 30 unique Music City Custom finishes.

  • RF1365S/C (plus the MCC finish #)
  • RF1465S/C (plus the MCC finish #)
  • RF1450S/C (plus the MCC finish #)
  • 13"x6.5"
  • 14”x6.5”
  • 14”x5”
  • 20-ply (14-ply Maple + 6-ply Birch)
  • MasterCast Die Cast Hoops
  • BRL65 (13”x6.5” and 14”x6.5”)
  • BRL55 (14”x5”)
  • 10 for 14"x6.5" & 14"x5"
  • 8 for 13"x6.5"
Tension Rods
  • SST5047 Stainless Steel Tension Rod
  • SR1000 Glide-Lock Strainer
  • SN1420D
  • SN1320D (for 13”)