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Stand & Accessories Conga Kick Stand


Conga Kick Stand

The PC-2500 Ultra Lite Conga Stand is a one-size-fits-all stand packed full of user-friendly features. Designed to accommodate the standing percussionist, the PC2500 features extendable legs and a contemporary frame designed to perfectly unite two, three, or four stands together. To ensure the same adjustments each time, measurement markings are etched on the inside of each leg and the rubber conga shell holders. Stickers are included to record your favorite settings. Finished in flat black to keep the visual focus on your congas, the PC2500 sets up in seconds and packs up even quicker, making them perfect for the working percussionist.

  • PC2500 One-Size-Fits-All Ultra Lite Conga Stand Adjustable Legs
  • PSC2000 Carrying Case for PC2500