Pearl Drums
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Hand Percussion Windchimes


Windchimes Windchimes Windchimes Windchimes Windchimes

Pearl has 32 and 14 bar windchimes in Aluminum and Gold-Plated Steel. They all have a lock and stack capability, allowing multiple windchimes to be stacked for double and triple row combinations.The 36-Bar Aluminum Chromatic windchimes features self-dampening parallel swinging chimes for controlled chime sound. A soft roll-up carrying case is included that doubles as a towel that can be draped over a (horizontal) music stand to act as a trap table. The case includes a storage compartment for the optional PWH-20 Windchime Holder, which conveniently mounts from any cymbal stand.

  • PWC32A
    32 Bar Aluminum Windchimes
    Striker Included
  • PWCH3220A
    32 Bar Aluminum Windchimes
    Holder, Striker & Case Included
  • PWCH3220G
    32 Bar Gold Anodized Aluminum
    Holder, Striker & Case Included
  • PWCH3620A
    36 Bar Aluminum Chromatic
    Holder, Striker & Case Included
  • PWH20
    Windchime Holder