Pearl Drums
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Hand Percussion Tambourines / Tombourines


Tambourines / Tombourines

This may look like an ordinary headed tambourine but it is for from it. First off, it is drumkey tunable, so you do not have to use those screwdriver type tuners that are always falling off. Next, it comes with Pearl's Exclusive Quick Draw mount, which makes it convert from mountable to handheld in seconds.

Tambourines / Tombourines

Pearl’s Ultra Grip Tambourine features a ski-pole like ergonomic shape is positioned near the tambourine’s center of gravity for comfortable and effortless playing. The revolutionary Jingle Control Discs allow the jingles to be selectively muted to control the volume of your tambourine to complement your playing style. Each Ultra Grip Tambourine is equipped with Pearl’s QuickMount holder that allows the tambourine to go from mounted to hand-held with a flick of your wrist. The Ultra Grip Tambourine is available with Steel or Brass Jingles.

Tambourines / Tombourines
  • PTM50SHR
    Ultra-Grip Tambourine
    Adjustable Volume Tambourine, Steel Jingles
  • PTM50BHR
    Ultra-Grip Tambourine
    Adjustable Volume Tambourine, Brass Jingles
  • PTM10GH
    Brass Jingles w/ QuickMount
  • PTM10SH
    Stainless Steel Jingles w/ QuickMount
  • PTH10S
    10" Headless Tambourine
    Stainless Steel Jingles
  • PTH10B
    10" Headless Tambourine
    Brass Jingles
  • PETM20
    Elite Concert Headed Tambourine
    Double Row of Jingles, Case Included
  • PTB10
    10" TomBourine
    QuickMount Included
  • PETM1007
    10" Symphonic Tambourine with 17 pair of Stamped Brass Jingles.
    Case included.