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10 Dec

Zig Wajler Made a List & Checked It Twice...

Drummer Joshua Baughman has been taking lessons from Zig Wajler for some time and has demonstrated a natural ability. However, he only played a full kit during his lessons because he didn't have his own acoustic drumkit. Because of Joshua's talent and enthusiasum for the instrument, Zig started the wheels in motion to make something special happen.

Flash forward to Saturday December 8th... Zig and Pearl rep Glen Caruba show up at Baughman's doorstep with a big surprise in hand. A few minutes later, they let Joshua know that he was the new owner of a Pearl Vision Series kit with a complete set of Sabian Cymbals! It was all hands on deck to set up the kit as quick as possible because Joshua couldn't wait to play it. Complete with his new Pearl shirt and hat, he sat down and layed down 'the groove' and continued to do so for quite some time. We can't wait to see where drumming takes Joshua and we hope to be there when he plays his first gig.

Thanks to Zig and The Baughman Family for letting us take part in their early holiday surprise!