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18 Jun

Pearl Brazilian Percussion

Pearl Brazilian Percussion captures the sound and excitement of traditional Samba drums while offering Pearl innovations and versatility. The 10 unique Brazilian Percussion instruments can easily be added to your kit to augment your sonic capabilities and add a distinct sound to your ensemble or solo playing.

Pearl’s Caixa (PBCX-1204, PBCX-1265) is available in a 12”x4” and 12"x6.5" wood shell, and features drum key tunable textured heads and SR-018 style throw-off.  The Caixa can be played traditionally around the shoulder with the provided strap, and can also be attached to a stand to provide an amazing pop as an auxiliary snare drum.

PBCX-1204 Caixa

The Repinique (PBR-10S, PBR-12S) is offered in a 10” and 12” steel construction shell, providing incredible tone and projection. Traditionally the lead or solo instrument in a Brazilian percussion ensemble, the Repinique is designed to cut through any ensemble.  The repinique's low-collar design rim provides maximum comfort when playing by hand.

PBR-10S Repinique

Equipped with brass and steel platinellas, Pearl’s Rocar (PBRC-80) can take your playing to the next level.  The Rocar has the ability to be played as a traditional single shaker, and can be separated for two-handed playing.

PBRC-80 RocarPBRC-80 Rocar, open

The Tamborim (PBT-60C), featuring the QuickDraw mount, provides a brilliant pop while allowing you to go between handheld and mounted playing with ease. The Tamborim can be played with your fingers, a light stick, and the provided 7-Bristle Design Tamborim Stick (PBT-70S). This stick allows maximum flexibility when playing quick Samba-Batucada passages or other Brazilian styles that require you to flip the Tamborim.

PBT-60C Tamborim

Featuring a light-weight yet durable steel shell, the Cuica (PBC-80SS) creates a unique sonority by applying friction to the inner bamboo stick (PBC-80S), causing the 8” Goatskin head (PBC-80H) to produce an astounding pitch.  This instrument comes with a sponge for comfortable gripping on the inner stick and is easily tunable, allowing you to achieve the ultimate Cuica sound while offering a large pitch range.

PBC-80 Cuica

Pearl’s Pandeiro captures the essence of Brazil with the crisp sound of the steel platinellas.  Pearl’s 10” Pandeiro (PBP-510) features 5 sets of steel platinellas, a Goatskin head for exceptional bass tones and slaps, and finished in a red and white wooden frame. The 12” Pandeiro (PBP-612) features 6 sets of steel platinellas, a durable, plastic head that can achieve a multitude of tones, and a dynamically colored green and yellow frame.  Both Pandeiros come with a matching carrying case and are easily tuneable to achieve your perfect sound.

PBP-510 PandeiroPBP-612 Pandeiro

With durable construction and a traditional Brazilian sound, the Pearl Agogo Bell is the ultimate timekeeper in any situation.  The Agogo bell consists of a higher-pitched bell situated directly above a lower-pitched bell. Available in a mounted (ECB-23) and hand-held option (ECB-22), add Pearl’s Agogo bell to your setup.

ECB-22 Hand-held AgogoECB-23 Mounted Agogo

The Pandanza (PDZ-510) is an exclusive Pearl instrument that combines an 8" Pandeiro with a shell-mounted agogo bell.  Featuring an authentic Goatskin head , steel platinellas, and a steel agogo bell, the Pandanza is a versatile and unique addition to any setup!

PDZ-510 Pandanza

Pearl’s Timbao (PBTB-140) features a fiberglass shell and plastic head, providing maximum projection and volume. This Brazilian drum is similar to a conga, but its lightweight shell and shoulder strap allow for hours of comfortable playing and carrying.  The Timbao brings the spirit of Brazilian music to any performance.

PBTB-140 Timbao

Pearl’s Surdos (PBS-2222, PBS-2018, PBS-1822, PBTA-1420) are the bass-voice and foundation of the Brazilian Percussion line. The lightweight wood shells allow for hours of comfortable play when worn over the shoulder with the provided strap, or change it up with Pearl’s patented Air-Suspension Feet, which provide maximum resonance and solid grip to minimize sliding on any floor surface.  The Surdo features two-ply tunable heads with an outer ply of synthetic leather for accentuated low–end frequencies, which makes for a great alternative to your bass drum or floor-tom!

PBS-1822 Surdo, w/ PBS30BD legs

        PBS-2018 Surdo



Whether you’re playing in a Carnival celebration or looking to add new sounds to your drumset, the authentic Brazilian color and sonority of these instruments will surely get you noticed!