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25 Jul

Will Kennedy's New Reference Pure Kit

"Well, we did it !! I am now the proud user of the most wonderful kit ever!!"

"I can't express to you how overjoyed I am to have this kit in my possession!! It is everything I would of ever wanted out of an instrument. It's like driving a well engineered vehicle; all of your moves and ideas are so accurately presented that you better know what you want to play. I've tried on a variety of head combinations and the shells take on the varied voices and character of the heads from open jazzy to thick rock like - I am totally blown away and then blown away again."

"I have done two Yellowjackets gigs with the kit and now completely not looking forward to the next gig in Aug because that will be the first gig without my Lamborghini drum kit!!"

"My hats off to all who helped make this the kit of my dreams!!"

Reference Pure
#342 Vintage Tobacco Burst
22x18 bass drum
20x16 bass drum
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum

Since posting pictures of Will's new Reference Pure kit, we've received many comments and questions on the positioning of his auxiliary hi-hats. We asked Will to explain how he strikes them, "Because I am an open hand player, I hit the secondary closed hi-hats with my right hand. Because they're mounted right over the center of the bass drum, I can swing a stick over to them quickly to add an extra under current of Hi-Hat-Mania to any groove."

When asked how he came up with the idea, Will confesses, "I wish I could say the idea came from some amazing technique or philosophy but the thought was born out of pure laziness. I didn't want to reach past the floor toms to hit secondary hats or anywhere else too high. I wanted to be able to hit them at a moments notice and not disrupt the groove but enhance the groove so I had a vision of right center over bass drum and Pearl hardware made it reality!"

"The size of the secondary closed hi-hats are 12" A Zildjian Mastersound Hi-Hats Brilliant. Those are quite 'peppy and bright' to contrast the main hats which are 13" K Zildjian Mastersound cymbals." Will continues, "Together, you have stereo hi-hats that compliment each other and can help create an illusion that you are doing something impossible for one pair of hats. Yeah, fooled them again!"

There were many readers who were fearful that the auxiliery hi-hats would damage his new Referece Pure bass drum. "Scratching the bass drum? Fear? First off, in music, you can be afraid of nothing! Start with a vision and then find the steps to make it real. If it doesn't work out, then you make some adjustments. Using the CLH-1000 Closed Hi-Hat Cymbal Boom Arm in the BB-3 Tom Holder on the bass drum made my vision an easy reality." Will also addresses setting it up and if it's really safe, "With the memory lock in place, it's easy to take apart and put back. There's no chance of it moving to scratch any of my precious shell finishes.... aren't they beautiful!!!!"  :)

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(Photos courtesy of Joshua Kennedy)