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05 Nov

The Pearl Tree Kit

Since receiving tons of messages regarding the drumkit made from a fallen tree, we decided to get to the root of the story!

The picture originated from S. Agli on November 2nd and her decription indiciated that the storm had knocked down a number of trees and their electricity but thankfully there were no injuries. During the clean-up process, a toppeled 55-foot pine tree was cut and made into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a raw natural finish!

The Dennis Chambers-like configuration of three rack toms, two floor toms, and snare are complimented with two cymbals on straight stands. The hi-hat stand was brilliantly constructed using an upside down limb with shortened branches to act as the tripod. Complete with the Pearl logo on the bass drum, this kit gives a new meaning to the term 'solid shell'.

Our thanks to the Agli Family for their story and a huge thanks to all of the dedicated emergency personel who have responded to those affected by the storm.

Visit Red for more information on how you can help victims of Hurricane Sandy.