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11 May

Slipknot headlines Ozzfest Japan

Born of the near-desolation of Iowa, Slipknot burst forth from the heartland in 1999 with some of the most awe-inspiring, cathartic rock the world had ever heard. Vetting their collective psyche not only through their songs, but also through their masks, their uniforms, their live shows, and even their fans and the culture they inhabit, Slipknot hold nothing back.

This go-'round, the band's look has evolved with their music. New, streamlined masks are a reflection of the changes in who the band members are, as people. Taylor adds “The mask-thing started out because we wanted to show another side of ourselves through them… We have grown and changed and so have the masks.” About that growing and changing, Jordison says “A lot of people won't ever understand why we do what we do and the band thrives on that. The record itself represents that feeling of gratitude toward the people that refuse to let us die - the fans themselves. The time away only made us a stronger band and the other projects absoluteley had nothing to do with the way this record was made. When all 9 of us combine we only know one sound and that is the sound of Slipknot.”

The natural order dictates growth and change as constants. Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) catches one of the most relevant and daring bands in the rock music realm, turning adversity into strength and honing their craft to precision.

The JJ-1355 Joey Jordison signature snare drum features a 13x6.5 1 mm steel shell that can be best described as a "power piccolo" with the high pitch and bite of a piccolo with the body and depth of a 6.5 for the kind of power you expect from Joey. Black Super Hoops and Masters double ended lugs compliment the black shell decorated with Slipknot logos repeated around the shell. The drum’s SR-017 strainer features a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact using minimal tension and results in superior snare response at all playing levels.