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24 Jun

Limited Edition White Satin Swirl Crystal Beat

Pearl’s recently re-introduced Crystal Beat Acrylic drums are set to get illuminated with a custom flash! By combining its seamless acrylic shell with a revolving selection of classic Satin Flame finishes, Pearl’s USA Custom Shop has created a Limited number of Crystal Beat shell packs that will fit nearly any visual situation.

“The difference is in the Drumlites,” explains Pearl Vice President of Sales, Jerry Goldenson. “We found a perfect diffuser for the Drumlites LED strip lights in these traditional Satin Flame wraps. The positional-shifting nature of these finishes makes them stunning on their own, but once you light them up, you get a visual feast that is a total show-stopper!”

These special pre-configured 4-pc shell pack (22/16/12/10) will be released in manufacturing lots of 12 kits per finish. Beginning with Trans Satin Gray (CRB524P/B718) and continuing with new White Satin Swirl (CRB524P/B719) in Q3, 2015, each one will feature a different translucent drum wrap over Ultra Clear acrylic with Black hardware.

Each kit will be hand-customized with the Drumlites Dual-LED lighting package pre-installed in each drum. Power Supply, 5-channel XLR Cable snake, and 8-Color, 4-program wireless remote is included. MSRP for each kit will be $2995.00 with wrap and light package.