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20 Apr

Drums United Heartbeat Tour

In constant motion, Holland’s multicultural drum masters Drums United are rock-solid, light-hearted performers with a riveting ability to translate rhythm into charismatic presence and to interweave the pounding pulse of six different countries and cultures. On their latest album Heartbeat and now on their first major North American tour, Drums United bring their carefully crafted, energetically explored mix of rhythms, instruments, and voices from around the planet to Calgary, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh. The group will also be heading south to Mexico City, and Bogotá and Medellin, Colombia on this spring tour.

The Dutch percussion supergroup is headed by drummer Lucas van Merwijk and includes musicians from Europe, West Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and South America. Each technically stunning in their own right, the players know how to blend complex interlocking patterns, span seemingly impossible differences, and still have such a good time on stage, audiences from Mexico to Bulgaria just can’t sit still. 

May 3rd-5th             Cleveland USA
May 5th-8th              Bogota Colombia
May 11th                  Medellin Colombia
May 13th-16th          Mexico City Mexico
May 18th-20th           Pittsburg USA
May 24th-15th           Calagary Canada
May 29th-June 3rd    Minneapolis USA

Find out more information at their official website: