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23 Nov

Gifts For Drummers Under $100


Tune-Bot and Tune-Bot Gig - Tune-Bot and the Tune-Bot Gig are the industry’s first digital tuners for acoustic drums... fastest, easiest and best way to tune your drums. 

TechTool - The PTT13 TechTool features 6 Hex Keys, 5 Screwdrivers and a bottle opener for when all the work is done. Each tool is forged to exact tolerances using heat-treated S2 alloy and completed with an anodized black finish. 

  • HEX KEYS: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm
  • SCREWDRIVERS: 1.5mm, 5mm, and Phillips #00, #1 & #2
  • ADDITIONAL: Drum Key, Bottle Opener

D50 Throne
- The D50 throne features a round vinyl covered cushion, double braced tripod, and is height adjustable with a pin lock.

BC830 Boom Stand
- The Pearl BC830 Double Braced Cymbal Stand with Uni-Lock Tilter has 3 sections and double-braced legs. The BC830 also features positive-locking gear tilters for slip-proof cymbal positioning.

Primero Chrome Rock Cowbell
- This 10" Primero Rock Cowbell features in a Brilliant Black Chrome Finish. A 3/8" bracket on the back of the cowbell allows you to mount this instrument to any 3/8" mounting rod.