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23 Nov

Gifts For Drummers Under $100

There are some great drum gifts available for under $100, this includes the TechTool, a boom cymbal stand, both Tune-Bot models and more.
12 Mar

2 Minute Test Drive: Snares

2014 saw the debut of 28 new Pearl snare drums including the Hybrid Exotic series and a reintroduction of the SensiTone and Free Floating Snare Drums.

KORN 'The Serenity Of Suffering'

Watch the first video for the single "Rotting In Vain" featuring Tommy Flanagan from 'Sons of Anarchy'.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Casey Cooper

UPDATE 10/22/16: Fans of Casey Cooper (Coop3rDrumm3r) have watched him grow up through his YouTube channel and now he's reached ANOTHER major milestone.

Pearl Authorized Service Centers

Pearl Authorized Service Centers provide top-quality parts and maintenance items from Pearl, the industry leading percussion manufacturer!

Pearl at the 16th Annual Latin Grammys

Drummer Lee Levin and percussionist Richard Bravo are sure to have a big night at the 16th Annual Latin Grammys!

Introducing the Tune-Bot Gig

In 2012, Overtone Labs revolutionized drum tuning with the introduction of the Tune-Bot and now there's a streamlined version, the Tune-Bot Gig.

Pearl & Adams Drum Corps Shine in DCI World Championship Competitions

Pearl and Adams equipment was tested and proven 'The Best' once again during the 2015 DCI World Championship competitions.