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24 Jan

Winter NAMM 2013

2013 sees the return of the Export Series, newly redesigned hardware, various new cajons, version two of the Horacio Signature Cowbells, Adams Alpha Series instruments, and much more!


New Model numbers are available for a complete ePro Electronic Conversion Kit (with your choice of metal or plastic cymbals) to be added to any drumkit shell pack. 

Reference Pure – New Finishes #368 Black Silver Burst & #377 Scarlet Sparkle Burst. 

Reference Series
New Finishes #368 Black Silver Burst & Ultra Blue Fade 

Masters MCX
New Finishes #388 Shamrock Green & #810 Ash Fade Tamo  

Session Studio Classic – New Finishes #106 Antique Ivory & #389 Matte Liquid Amber

Vision VBL – New Finishes #243 Prussian Blue & #244 Natural Black Burst    


NEW ePro Live finishes! #410 Vintage Orange Glass & #411 Vintage Green Glass.

RedBox 2.0 firmware updates provide an enhanced dynamic range and sensitivity to give drummers the expression needed to appreciate the nuances of the lightest ghost notes and softest buzz rolls on stage or in the studio. Every kit has been modified to use the pitch-to-velocity function which allows samples to change in pitch when played at different velocities, creating a more realistic performance and reducing the unwanted triggering that is evident in most modules. E-Pro Live now supports the addition of 2 extra crash cymbals which require no additional programming when inserted to trigger inputs #10 and #11.Additional improvements have been made on the panning, EQ, and effects to provide the highest quality sonorities for recording or live performances.

The introduction of the TruTrac-Hat, a truly realistic electronic hi-hat which provides the real action and sounds of real hi-hat cymbals.Press harder or play louder to hear realistic modulations in pitch, or splash the hats for a real sizzle; TruTrac-Hats respond like real cymbals.  

Complete Tru-Trac Acoustic to Electronic Conversion Kits prepacks (including the R.E.D.BOX module) are available as an option on all Acoustic Shell Pack kits. Individual Tru-Trac components can also be ordered so you can convert your own acoustic kit into an electronic kit.    

Cajons - Pearl introduces 4 NEW cajons to their exisiting line-up: Sonic Boom Cajon, The Wedge Tri-Side Cajon, Brush Beat Cajon, and a Red Sparkle Version of our famous Boom Box Cajon.

Marc Quinones Signature Primero Timbales - 14x7 / 15x7 steel drums with a black powder coating finish.

Redesigned Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells - Pearl offers the HH Signature cowbells in 5 models of varying size and tonal characteristics. Sold individually, these bells are of carbon steel construction with a black powder coat finish and feature many of the key aspects from the original Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells, such as a swiveling mount which allows the player to stack multiple bells on a single post without wingnut interference, as well as 2 playing surfaces, flat and rounded, to accommodate player position and preference. New for 2013, the bells feature a Quick Release bracket which mounts on any 3/8” post. By affixing the bracket to a post, the bell can be attached by simply dropping it into place ontop of two cushioned pins. Remove the bell by easily lifting it up and off of the mount. Players now have the option to mount the bells in a multitude of conventional playing positions or hold them in their hands for an authentic performance style. Once in place, the bracket can remain mounted to the hardware, making setup and tear-down a breeze. Powder coated in a bright yellow finish, the bracket is included with and is universal for all HH Signature Cowbells.  

PPS-81 Percussion Rack - 12" percussion rack with 4 straight posts & 2 'Z' posts.

PPS-82 Percussion Rack - 18" percussion rack with 4 straight posts & 2 'Z' posts.

CAJH-100 Cajon Holder - New companion to Pearl's growing list of box cajon accessories



Polished Aluminum Hardware is now featured on the Championship CarbonPly and Competitor Series.

The Competitor Series shells are now comprised of a Poplar/Kapur mix giving the sound a broader mix.


Pearl's Concert Series instruments are now comprised of a Poplar/Kapur shell.

The S1030LS Gyro-Lock single braced stand & S1030L Gyro-Lock double braced stand are two newest additions to the Concert Hardware line. The others are the T-1030 Double Tom Stand and T930 Double Tom Stand.



Adams proudly presents their Alpha Series instruments showcasing a new tuning on the keyboards and a stunning design in cooperation with design studio KesselsGranger. This collection of marimbas, xylophones, and vibraphones will move your passion for music to the next level.

MAHA43 - Alpha Series 4.3 Octave Rosewood Marimba
MAHA50 - Alpha Series 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba
XAHA40 - Alpha Series 4.0 Octave Rosewood Xylophone
VAST30M - Alpha Series 3.0 Vibraphone with Silver Bars, Motor, and Traveler Frame
VAGT30M - Alpha Series 3.0 Vibraphone with Gold Bars, Motor, and Traveler Frame GCO-26 Concert Series 2.6 Octave Orchestra Bells w/ Tolex Case GAN-33 Artist Series 3.3 Octave Glockenspiel w/ Vintage Tube Frame