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13 Jan

NAMM 2011

Pearl Corporation delivers another round of cutting edge and innovative products for Winter NAMM 2011.

Pearl's all new Reference Pure proudly builds upon the legacy started by Pearl's original Reference Series Drums by using the exact shell composition formula, the same number and type of wood plies, and the same targeted task specific bearing edges to create a thin shell, highly resonant, lower mass version of the original.
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Pearl Reference and Reference Pure Series are now available in two NEW finishes: #335 Black Cherry and #334 Red Metallic.

Vision Series is now offering next level perfection in 4 NEW Maple and Birch configurations and a selection of new premium colors and finishes.
Vision VML features 6 ply Maple ply shells in beautiful high-gloss lacquer or Pearl’s new ground-breaking Artisan II lacquer finishes. VML includes chrome hardware, wood bass drum hoops in matching finish and a wood snare drum in matching finish.

Vision VBL features 6ply 100% Birch Shells that deliver that studio-desired, naturally EQed sound characteristic of Birch. Available in super high-gloss lacquer finishes with chrome hardware, VBL comes with matching wood bass drum hoops and a Steel Sensitone Snare Drum with a chrome finish.

Vision VBA delivers full Pearl Birch quality in 3 beautiful Artisan II finishes you’ll have to see to believe. The shells are 6 ply Birch ply and come with matching wood hoops and a matching Birch ply snare drum.

Vision VB offers 6 ply Birch ply shells in premium high-gloss coverings like our NEW #49 Mirror Chrome. VB includes a matching Birch ply snare drum, matching wood bass drum hoops, and is available with black or chrome hardware. The Vision Series has never looked more attractive. 
All four of the Vision Series configurations are available as shell packs; the three birch configurations are available as full kits sold with Pearl’s 900 Series Hardware.

Rock Solid Stability and Long Lifetime Performance are the cornerstones of the Pearl Advanced Marching Hardwarefor Snares, Tenors, and Bass Drums. Designed by experts in making the world’s most reliable percussion hardware with the world’s most experienced contemporary marching percussionists. The Snare, Tenor, and Bass stands all feature a height/range independently adjustable front leg to facilitate performances on level ground and in Stadium Bleachers. The new Pearl Advanced Marching Hardware stands are compatible with Pearl’s CX Airframe and MX T-Frame Marching Carriers and similarly will never need more than your hands and a drum key to make any adjustments or customizations.



The 2Face Cajon from Pearl Percussion has two distinct personalities. The professional quality wood construction box drum is ported on the side with two different playing faces on the front and back. One face is 5mm thick offering a more mellow woody sound, while the reverse face is 3mm thick and gives all the punch, thump, and crack you could ask for. Both sides feature 3 sets of fixed snares.When its gig time you’ll have two professional level instruments in the size of one. Simply turn the instrument around and you can quickly change tonal characters- between songs or even between choruses. Pearl Percussion’s new 2Face Cajon gives you twice the possibilities and twice the personality to choose from. Be bold or be mellow… or be both at the same time.



The PL900C Percussion Learning Center combination drum and bell kit for 2011. The PL900C features a more compact design, lighter weight, and case improvements in both appearance and durability. Answering the requests of educators for a more appealing concert snare drum tone, the PL900C has a Poplar Shell drum that produces a warmer sound than metal shell drums for a better ensemble experience for both the player and teacher.   The new snare drum is a compact 13x3.5 for easy playing and lightweight transport and is finished a concert black wrap. All the Pearl Ed kit cases have been updated for 2011 with reinforced padding , reinforced and added  handles,  added pockets, and the most compact size possible making them the easiest kits for children to use. Color appointments have been added to the exterior of the case make Pearl Ed kits as stylish as they are durable.  


Pearl's Artisan II Lacquer Finishes- Quilted Bubinga Sunburst #800 and Mocha Tamo #805, premiering in the Masters MCX line. Masters Series drums are legendary in quality and are now setting a new bar in visual appeal.  Pearl’s proprietary Artisan II Lacquering process is another example of our cutting edge innovation in styling and sound. Masters MCX features 100% Maple Shells and Bass Drum Hoops. Comes standard with MasterCast die cast tom hoops and Pearl’s sound enhancing OptiMount tom holders. Masters MCX is available in two stock configurations or by individual component. 


Download Pearl's 2011 Combo / Marching / Concert Price List for more information on all of our new products.