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23 Jul

DCI I&E 2012

The 2012 DCI World Class Individual & Ensemble Festival took place this past Sunday, July 22, in San Antonio, TX, at the Historic Sunset Station. Beginning in 1972 with only snare and tenor competitors, I&E now gives individual corps members an opportunity to show off their talents in the categories of wind, voice, dance, and percussion performance.  This year's festival had more than 400 performers from 16 drum and bugle corps participate in solo and ensemble competition.

Pearl/Adams was well represented by corps members from The Blue Devils, Spirit of Atlanta, The Blue Knights, and the Cascades, taking top honors in the following categories: Snare Drum, Multi-Tenor, Bass Drum Ensemble, Keyboard, Percussion Ensemble, and Cymbal Ensemble.

2012 World Class I&E Results:
Snare Drum
Keelan Tobia – 1st place, 99.50, The Blue Devils
Adam Clay - 4th place, 97.00, The Blue Devils
Elick Sorensen – 5th place, 96.00, The Blue Knights
Victor Perez – 8th place, 94.00, The Blue Knights
Corey Sajous – 9th place, 92.00, The Blue Devils

Christopher Drummer – 1st place, 98.00, The Blue Devils
Amir Oosman – 6th place, 94.00, The Blue Devils
Steven Takeda – 10th place, 89.00, The Blue Knights

Bass Drum Ensemble
Cascades Bass Drum Ensemble – 1st place, 86.00
Blue Knights Bass Drum Ensemble – 2nd place, 78.80

Monica England – 1st place, 95.50, The Blue Devils
Michael Bingham – 4th place, 91.00, The Blue Devils
Ben Hagen – 5th place, 89.50, The Blue Knights

Garrett Tyler – 3rd place, 96.00, The Blue Devils

Percussion Ensemble
Blue Devils Percussion Ensemble – 1st place, 96.00
Cascades Percussion Ensemble – 4th place, 80.00

Cymbal Ensemble
Spirit of Atlanta Cymbal Ensemble – 1st place, 91.00
Cascades Cymbal Ensemble – 4th place, 72.50

View the 2012 I&E recap here.

Pearl/Adams has enjoyed a very successful history in the I&E festival. Since the festival’s inception, Pearl/Adams has been the brand of choice for more champions than any other. The previous 5 snare drum champions, 4 Multi-tenor champions, 4 keyboard champions, and 6 Percussion Ensemble champions have been played on Pearl/Adams equipment, further defining that Pearl/Adams is the Championship Sound.

Individual & Ensemble Titles
Snare Drum – 9 total, 7 of last 14
Multi-Tenors – 8 total, 5 of last 10
Bass Drum Ensemble – 12 total, 12 of last 16
Keyboard – 10 total, 10 of last 16
Timpani – 9 total, 9 of last 16
Perc. Ens. – 11 total, 11 of last 16
Multi Perc. – 7 total, 7 of last 16

Pearl/Adams congratulates all of the I&E participants, and wishes its corps the best of luck as they prepare for DCI World Championships, August 7th-11th in Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.