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11 Aug

Blue Devils are the 2012 DCI World Champions!

Congratulations to the Blue Devils and their staff on a perfect season!

Blue Devils 2012 Staff:
David Gibbs - Executive Director
Pete Emmons - A Corps Manager
Scott Johnson - Percussion Arranger/Caption Head
Jim Wunderlich - Front Ensemble Arranger/Instructor
Ben Maughmer - Instructor
Rodolfo Garcia - Instructor
Ricky Odello - Instructor
Jared Andrew - Instructor
Chris Slater - Instructor
Sean Vega - Instructor
Jack Mizutani - Pit Instructor
Brian Dinkel - Pit Instructor

The corps also won Best Color Guard, Best Visual Performance, Best Percussion, and Best General Effect.

The Blue Devils presented the challenging, whimsical, and thought-provoking world of CABARET VOLTAIRE. This show concept is based on an artistic movement, known as Dada, which was born in the heart of Europe in the midst of WWI. The Cabaret Voltaire was the first public gathering place for Dadaists, providing a performance venue that could reveal a militarized duty-bound masculinity contrasted with a complete disregard for the rules. Instead of a carefully orchestrated structure, performances offered improvisation, the deliberate juxtaposition of uncoordinated actions, and a delight in the chaotic. The Cabaret Voltaire launched an age of questioning that made its way into a variety of art forms, from poetry and theatre to dance and sculpture.