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21 Mar

Beatrix' 2013: Thirteen

With the Summer of 2013 only months away, the world's top drum and bugle corps are gearing up for another fantastic year and excitement is building as corps announce their productions.  Beatrix' Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to announce their 2013 production: Thirteen

"An unlucky number? One o'clock in the afternoon? A letter "B" that is pulled apart? Everyone will have their own association with the number 13. It is not without a reason that airplanes do not have a row with the number 13. It brings a lot of negative feelings with it. Next Summer, Beatrix' will challenge you to face these feelings in the demanding program: "Thirteen".

The program will stimulate the members to develop themselves further in the areas of emotions, music, and movement. This has stimulated and motivated the Beatrix' program team and designers to join tradition and innovation together in music and movement.

The audience will love the well-known music from the movies Star Wars, Close Encounters, and ET. Music composed by guitar virtuoso Pat Metheny, pianist Lyle Mays, a French Chanson of Alice Dona and Gavin Greenaway, and John Williams will all connect to the theme 13.

In 2013, Beatrix' Drum & Bugle Corps presents: Thirteen: A Number That Counts

Visit the Beatrix' D&BC website for more information.