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13 Jun

TruTrac on Tour

The Spring/Summer tour season is upon us, and many of your favorite bands are gearing up to head out on the road.  An important piece of equipment on this year’s top tours is Pearl’s TruTrac Electronic Drumheads. The TruTrac Drumheads provide the quality response, amazing feel, realistic size, and rugged durability that the pros require. A few of the Pearl Artists who are using the TruTrac Drumheads on their kits this tour season include Barry Kerch, Shinedown; Morgan Rose, Call Me No One; Mike Mangini, Dream Theater; and Tommy Lee, Motley Crue.

Rose integrates a TruTrac Drumhead paired with the module into his Masters MCX kit on the upcoming Call Me No One tour. On “The Avalanche Tour” featuring Shinedown, Barry Kerch incorporates the TruTrac Drumheads into his kit, converting a Pearl Philharmonic Field Snare Drum into a trigger pad for various sound effects used throughout the show. Mike Mangini, of Dream Theater, uses 6 TruTrac Drumheads (4 hand activated, 2 footpedal activated) mounted throughout his Reference Pure kit, used to trigger concert percussion sounds for various songs in the Dream Theater catalog. Tommy Lee used a complete TruTrac Drumhead drumkit on his latest tour with Motley Crue; triggering a massive rack of sound sources including the module. The TruTrac Drumheads performed flawlessly over 38 dates while Tommy and his kit flew upside-down through the air night after night.

“The feel, response, and durability of the TruTrac Heads are incredible!  I just used them on the latest Motley Crue tour, and they ripped with flying colors and always tracked perfectly!” – Tommy Lee, Motley Crue.

Available in 2 pre-packs as well as individual components, the TruTrac Drumheads allow you to convert your acoustic kit to an electric kit in a few easy steps. Pearl’s exclusive Non-Drill Adaptor fits through most any air vent and makes installing TruTrac Drumheads a breeze. Combine your TruTrac Drumheads with the module, enhanced with extreme HD sounds downloaded from the Sound Shop to create limitless kits!

Pearl’s TruTrac Electronic Drumheads, it’s as simple as changing a head!

Tommy Lee's TruTrac Drumset
Mike Mangini's "Pure Dream" kit with TruTrac Drumheads