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05 Dec

Redneck Zombie Killers' Winter Zombieland

Take 4 cups of Hank Williams Jr. , 2 cups of Beastie Boys, a pinch of Red Hot Chili Peppers, roll that up in a BIG OLE guitar slingin' tortilla, sprinkle GUN POWDER, and Hollow Points all over that, and serve it up with a side of Kid Rock and ZZ Top ......... and you get the....... REDNECK ZOMBIE KILLERS!

Check out our video for "Winter Zombieland," filmed last week deep within the confines of our bunker. Yes, it's a redneck yule-time ode to the joys of annihilating the Undead. Celebrate this most holy time of year by rocking out and sharing our Christmas carol of carnage!

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Ban, Vern, Hillbilly & Jed