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16 Dec

Pearl's Throne Thumper... A Real World Review

"The Throne Thumper isn't just an accessory, it's a NECESSITY!"

The following is a review of the Throne Thumper from Sean Dolan, a local musician from New York City, and a firm advocate for not just hearing what you play, but FEELING it.

"My name is Sean G. Dolan and I've been a local professional drummer and singer in New York City since 1988. I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Percussion Performance from the Juilliard School, where I studied under Gordon Gottlieb.
Everyone who plays drums in any situation should have knowledge of the Throne Thumper, regardless of their age or experience level.  I think it's a necessity.
Guys, I can tell you, in the few gigs I've done with it, it has changed my drumming life.  It is the single best, and most important product I've spent money on since I bought in-ear monitors in 2000.
I only wish I had the Pearl Throne Thumper when I first purchased in-ears. I have done thousands of gigs since that time and I'm extremely disappointed that the Throne Thumper wasn't a part of those gigs.  After using it only a few times, I realize why I was always asking the soundman for "more kick"...I COULDN'T FEEL IT.  Now I can and I'm never going back.  My hearing will be better for it. I wish I had known earlier, as I could have saved more of it; but, live and learn.
My first experience with the Throne Thumper was amazing. I was using my usual setup: In-ear monitors and no stage wedge. I split my Auxiliary Send from the soundboard and sent one side to my ears and the other to the Throne Thumper. I had the monitor mixer (aka: bandleader) mix my ears accordingly as always. I was always happy with my mix; but, wow, I never knew what I was missing.
So, being as happy as could be, I left the Throne Thumper on for about an hour. I played around with the volume and crossover control depending on the song and found a nice setting that worked for the situation. I found myself "feeling" things from the bassist I'd NEVER felt previously.  I found myself feeling my kick as if I'd never felt my kick ever in my life. I couldn't believe it.
I then decided, "Okay, let's see what it was like before I used the Throne Thumper..."
I turned it off... and I literally LAUGHED.  I couldn't believe how dull it felt. NO LOW END AT ALL. Thoroughly amused at the lack of feel, I immediately turned the unit back on.
I'm hooked, guys.
This product is so amazing for drummers in every way, there's NO REASON it should not be common knowledge that the Throne Thumper is NECESSARY for any and ALL live gigs.  It is especially useful for in-ear monitoring and/or ear-plug wearing drummers, as well as for any local musicians!  I do realize, however, that both local and touring drummers don't understand how to wire an amplifier, or much else for that matter.  I've made it my business to know about live sound, and have done live sound mixing from behind the kit since '94.  For me, this was a cinch; but, I realize this is not the norm for most gigging drummers.
I've already hooked it up in the band room of iSchool of Music and Art and I've shown it to all my drumming friends, colleagues and students. Those who have tried it, love it, and those who haven't tried it, don't get it. They think it's a gimmick, a luxury item.
This is no gimmick item. It's a NECESSITY."

Yours in Thump,
Sean G. Dolan

For more information about the Throne Thumper, click HERE.

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