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21 Apr

Pearl 900 Series Hardware

Want professional features at a price you can afford but still need quality suitable for an active drummer? In times like this if you’re not sure what to buy, a good rule of thumb is to first look at what the best sellers are for any type of purchase you are considering!

Our 900 Series Hardware is just that.... a best seller, and has continued to be in its product class since its debut in 2007. Winner of the prestigious M.I.P.A Award in the catagory of “Best Drum Hardware,” this award is considered the "Grammy" of the Musical Instrument/Pro Audio industry.

All 900 Series Hardware is cut from the same cloth as our top-of-the-line 2000 Advanced Hardware Series. The 900 Series features include infinitely adjustable tilters for the Cymbal, Tom Holder and Snare Basket allowing for exact positioning down to smallest increment, Die-Cast Joints (stand collars) with Stop Locks for secure non-slip adjustment and a Rattle-less SureStrut Tripod Base for sturdy noise-free placement suitable for recording and live applications.

Find out more about the 900 Series Hardware below...
  • BC-900 Convertible Boom Cymbal Stand
  • C-900 Cymbal Stand
  • S-900 Snare Stand
  • H-900 Hi-Hat Stand (Direct Pull for Quick Action)
  • P-900 Bass Drum Pedal
  • D-900 Throne