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15 Jan

NEW MCX Masters Finish For 2009

Vintage Wine is a deep red that beautifully accents the Maple shell, while allowing the rich wood grain to show through. 

Pearl’s Masters Series MCX 6-ply Maple shell has set the standard for great sound and craftsmanship for years, and can be heard on countless recordings by the world’s most legendary drummers.  In today’s economy Pearl understands the need for a great sounding kit with exceptional quality at an affordable price.

MCX is offered in your choice of 7 impressive finishes:  5 Super High-Gloss Lacquer Finishes and 2 Ultra Premium Delmar Glass Glitter Coverings.

MCX 4-piece shell packs can be purchased at an average street price of just $1,500 dollars ($2,499.00 List) in your choice of 5 configurations –this is the most affordable price ever!