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16 May

Volbeat to Headline The Rock Allegiance Tour!

If there was ever any question about rock 'n' roll being alive and well, the answer has arrived in the form of Monster Energy's Rock Allegiance Tour.  And what better way to celebrate than by getting one of rock’s finest bands, Volbeat, to headline one of the genre’s most anticipated tours of the year! 

Before their current North American trek could even comes to a close, the faithful fans of the Denmark based rockers have been begging for their return to US soil- which Volbeat happily complied.  The 2013 Rock Allegiance Tour will bring American audiences the very best that rock music as a whole has to offer,  with this, the 3rd annual Rock Allegiance event, returning to its rightful place as a traveling tour- and one of the biggest summer tours in the rock genre.  More information on this late summer trek can be found on the tour’s official website,, and the official promo video for the tour can be seen below.

In light of their recent chart-topping album, Volbeat has sparked a new sound and a new life into the rock world, bringing along an electrifying live show and a slew of No. 1 hit singles that are guaranteed to keep the masses on their feet and screaming along.  For Volbeat, the 2013 Rock Allegiance tour will serve as their second North American tour in support of their new studio album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, which was released in North America on April 5th of this year.  Within its first week on the shelves, Volbeat had already claimed their top-tier status, instantly charting with the No. 1 Rock Album in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.  The new album also landed at the No. 1 position on the US Billboard Hard Rock Albums and at the No. 2 position on the US Billboard Top Rock Albums- all within its first week.  The first single from the album, “Hangman’s Bodycount”, currently resides at the No. 7 position on the Active Rock Charts.

Pearl artist, Jon Larsen, is a major factor behind Volbeat’s unparalleled international success.  A drummer that delivers everything expected of a metal drummer- the fast chops, quick feet, and massive drum set- while also having the knowledge and tastefulness necessary to nail down a steady groove and let the song build around it.  His current kit, Jon’s North American rig, consists of a mass of Masters MCX drums that emit the warm, mid-range tones necessary for Volbeat’s rock/metal sound, and cover a wide range of notes thanks to its almost-absurdly large size.  Jon’s full specs are as follow:

Masters MCX
Cherry Red lacquer
w/ Black Chrome hardware

22x20 bass drum x2
10x10 tom
12x10 tom
13x11 tom
14x12 tom
16x14 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Sensitone Brass snare drum

For more information on Jon Larsen and Volbeat, please be sure to visit the band’s official website,  Also be sure to pick up a copy of their new album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, which is now available.  See you on the road Jon!

Rock Allegiance Tour: preliminary dates

08.24. Shadow Hill Ranch Festival- Twin Lakes, WI
09.03. Maverick Centre- Salt Lake City, UT
09.04. The Joint- Las Vegas, NV
09.19. Bayou Music Center- Houston, TX
09.22. Tabernacle- Atlanta, GA
09.27. Tsongas Center- Lowell, MA
09.28. Brooklyn Waterfront- Brooklyn, NY