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20 Sep

Virgil Donati: The Making of 'In This Life'

Earlier this summer, drumming extraordinaire and longstanding Pearl artist, Virgil Donati, released and astounding new solo album, In This Life, which has enthralled and excited his followers through the albums pristine musicianship and stellar composition.  And as if the album itself weren’t enough of a treasure, Virgil Donati has released a “making of” video of how In This Life came to be, including interviews of the musicians involved in regards to their most intimate observations on the music and their personal contributions, along with footage from the recording sessions.  This documentary style behind the scenes footage of the Virgil Donati ‘In this Life’ sessions can be found below.
Although Virgil Donati serves as one of today’s premier drummers, having toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in the music world, In This Life serves as Virgil’s first solo album in which he wrote, composed, and orchestrated in its entirety.   Featuring a beautiful blend of prog, fusion, rock, and jazz, Virgil Donati’s In this Life, includes a plethora of genres that are vastly displayed throughout both the intricate and highly technical sections, as well as during the more-simplified, deep-groove portions of the album; all of which is performed to absolute perfection by Virgil’s select group of phenomenal musicians.
Aside from the tremendous musicianship from all parties involved, Virgil’s astounding and highly technical drumming stands out as the true focal point of the album, immediately proving to the listener why his masterful skills are so highly touted.  For the recording of In This Life, Virgil turned to his trusty 6-ply, all-maple Masters Custom drums, which hold the same shells and components as Pearl’s current Masters MCX line of drums.  Due to the warm, resonant, and well rounded tones of the all-maple shells, Virgil has turned to this particular Masters Series kit for countless recordings, becoming his go-to kit for studio sessions throughout Los Angeles.  Virgil’s in-studio specs are as follow:

Masters Series:
Midnight Fade (154)
w/ black hardware

22x18 bass drum
10x9 tom
12x9 tom
14x12 hanging floor tom
16x13 hanging floor tom
14x12 tom
14x5 Masters Series snare drum
10x4 Sopranino snare

For more information, and to order a copy of In This Life, please be sure to visit Virgil Donati’s official website,  Also, for all of you lucky European based fans, please be sure to check out Virgil’s upcoming tour dates with Alan Holdsworth, which can be found below.  

Virgil Donati w/ Alan Holdsworth
11.04. Real Time Live- Chesterfield, UK
11.05. Band On The Wall- Manchester, UK
11.06. Floral Pavillion- New Brighton, UK
11.07. Borderline- London, UK
11.08. Arts4Every1- High Wycombe, UK
11.09. Trading Boundaries- Fletching, UK
11.10. P60- Amstelveen, Netherlands
11.12. Jazz en Nord- Marcq de Barouel, France
11.13. Kulturzentrum Lindenbrauerei- Unna, Germany
11.14. Spirit of 66- Verviers, Belgium
11.15. OLF Festival Jazz et Blues- Ozoir La Ferriere, France
11.28. Riviera Maya Jazz Festival- Playa del Carmen, Mexico