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09 Jul

Troopers 2012: This Was The Future

The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps hits the road for their highly anticipated 2012 DCI season.  This year’s production, entitled “This Was the Future”, is designed to take you on a “steam-powered journey into an age of possibility.”  The Troopers' program can be described as the meeting place of Victorian-era aesthetic and the technology of the future.
Set to Aaron Copland’s “Music for Theatre” and “The Heiress,” the program takes the form of vaudevillian theatre, incorporating the vision of HG Wells and Jules Verne, the spirit of silent movies, and the ingenuity and thrill of a World’s Fair.   This musical exposition will incorporate the simplicity and wonder of the past alongside a fantastical vision of the future.

Under the direction of Fred Morris and Pearl/Adams Artists Kevn Welborn, the Troopers percussion section performs on Pearl Championship Maple Series drums, finished in the beautiful #192 Copperfire Sparkle lacquer (see pictures below).  Come see the Troopers in action as their tour is comprised of 27 shows scheduled over the span of 53 days, culminating at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, IN, August 11th.

Visit the Troopers site for more information.  Check out for a complete schedule of events.