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17 Dec

The Contortionist Rediscover ‘Language’

The Contortionist have rediscovered their latest album, Language.  The Indiana-based prog-metalers- who are backed by, Pearl Artist, Joey Baca- re-released their 2014 studio album, Language, earlier this week, with the highly creative twist of re-tooling versions of the album’s original tracks.  Titled, Language: Rediscovered, this somewhat-new-but-definitely-fresh album includes reworked version of the tracks, “The Source”, “Language”, “Primordial Sound”, and “The Parable”, and also includes a live video performance of each song as well.  Earlier this week, The Contortionist released the rediscovered version of the fan-favorite track, “Language”, which can be viewed below.

The Contortionist will be kicking off their 2016 tour campaign across the drink, starting on February 3rd in the United Kingdom, and continuing throughout the U.K. and Europe before finalizing on March 7th in Norway.  More information on the Contortionist, including a full list of tour dates, can be found on the band’s official Facebook page-

As seen in the below video, and throughout all of The Contortionist’s touring since 2013, Pearl Artist, Joey Baca relied on a slimmed down version of his Session Studio Classic drums, finished in the always-classy Vintage Copper Sparkle, and topped with a 14x6.5 Masters MCX snare drum.  For more information on Joey Baca, and for full specs on his beautiful Session Studio Classic rig, please click here.