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21 May

Styx on the United in Rock Tour!

This week, Pearl artist, Todd Sucherman, and Styx came through the Gibson Amphitheater in Hollywood, California on the United in Rock Tour. Along with special guests, Foreigner and Kansas, Styx filled the 7,500 seat theater to capacity with ease, and to no one’s surprise. Being known for providing a show as popular as their many hit songs, Todd and Styx upped the ante from their last run through Los Angeles, keeping the sold out crowd on their feet throughout the set, through the encore, and until Styx left the stage and the house lights came back on.

Todd Sucherman has established himself as one of the world’s greatest drummers to date, building a monstrous career based from his technical fills and amazing use of rudiments, as well as his lengthy resume of studio work and international touring. Between his 14 years with Styx, his award winning DVD, and through the clinics and master classes he does throughout the world, Todd’s technical approach to the drum set will inspire even the most studied musicians from every musical background and is guaranteed to leave everyone in attendance in awe.

Upon hearing his name, almost every drummer and Styx fan can envision Todd’s beautiful Pearl Masterworks kit that has been featured on numerous Styx tours and in Todd’s DVD, “Methods and Mechanics”. The Masterworks kit, which is finished in Natural Bubinga with gold hardware, is comprised of completely custom shell configurations designed by Todd himself. The sizes are as follow:

Masterworks Series:
*2-ply bubinga outer/4-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
**2-ply bubinga outer/6-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
***2-ply bubinga outer/16-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga

22x18 bass drum** x 2 (10-ply shell)
8x7 tom* (8-ply shell)
8x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
10x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
12x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
14x14 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
16x16 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
20x14 gong drum** (10-ply shell)
14x5.5 snare drum*** (20-ply shell)
12x5 snare drum* (8-ply shell)

Styx will be on the road from now until July on the Untied in Rock Tour. For more information on when they’ll be coming to a town near you, please visit them online at or, to follow along with Todd’s hectic schedule, please visit