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17 Jul

Stanley Randolph Pulls Triple-Duty on The Package Tour

As if it weren’t difficult, rigorous, and demanding enough on a drummer to slam through a 1-hour long performance of bashing away at the drum kit under the burning heat of stage lights, and the eyes of thousands of staring onlookers who depict your every movement- try doing it for 3 hours.  But for drumming mastermind, and Pearl artist, Stanley Randolph, it’s just another day on the biggest pop tour of the summer season- The Package Tour.  Featuring 3 of the biggest pop acts of all time, New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men, The Package Tour has been winding its way around the US, selling out arena after arena, and forcing the pop sensation filled package to circle back to previously visited tour stops for secondary add-on dates due to it’s incredibly high demand.   Kicking off the night with the soulful sounds of the Grammy Award winning 90’s sensation- Boyz II Men, then turning to the high school heartthrobs of the 2000’s- 98 Degrees, all leading up to the multiplatinum mega pop-superstars, New Kids on the Block, the show kept the crowd on their feet and singing along throughout the non-stop, hit filled extravaganza.

For drummers, don’t let the names on the marquee stray you from attending any of the remaining dates on The Package Tour.  If you do, you’ll miss out on an absolutely brilliant display of drumming from, Pearl artist, Stanley Randolph.  Taking the most popular hit songs of 90’s and early 2000’s and turning them into a spectacular spectacle of heavy groove and a deep backbeat, with complicated drum fills sprinkled throughout and performed to absolute perfection, Stanley Randolph spent the evening bashing away at his beautiful custom Reference Series kit for all 3 of the night’s acts- Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and New Kids on the Block- and, upon witnessing the sheer excellence and jaw-dropping drum solo, not many, if any, in attendance were questioning why the band’s all hired the same drummer. 

At the start of this massive North American trek, Stanley unveiled his beautiful new Reference Series drum kit, which was customized by Chris Achzet at Los Angeles Drum Services.  The Reference Series has been Stanley’s go-to drum series since joining the Pearl Artist Roster in 2008, turning to the individual design and innovative idea of the Reference Series Recipe to join him on Stevie Wonder’s world tour in that same year, as can be seen below.  With the idea of each drum in the Reference Series line being constructed with its own individual characteristics, such as varying bearing edges, wood configurations, and the number of plies in each shell, Stanley is given the able to achieve the perfect high-tones from his smaller toms, the optimum mid-range tones from the middle drums, which leads down to the thunderous lows from the floor toms and bass drums.  For Stanley’s current 3-act night on The Package Tour, the individuality in each drum is ideal for making each act, who sound so different from one another, accomplish their signature and unmistakable sound.  Stanley’s full specs for “The Package Tour Rig” are as follow:

Reference Series:
Piano Black
w/ black and orange pinstripes

22x18 bass drum
20x18 bass drum
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom x2
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Reference Series snare drum
14x6.5 Reference Brass snare drum
14x6.5 Reference Series snare drum w/ Tru Trac electronic drumhead

The Package Tour is scheduled to make its way around North America for only a few more weeks, with additional dates being added regularly.  For more information and to keep up with the constantly growing scheduled to this incredible tour, please be sure to visit New Kids on the Block’s official website,

The Package Tour- *remaining dates

07.17. 1stBank Center- Broomfield, CO
07.18. Allstate Arena- Rosemont, IL
07.19. Allstate Arena- Rosemont, IL
07.20. Target Center- Minneapolis, MN
07.21. Sprint Center- Kansas City, MO
07.25. Verizon Wireless Arena- Manchester, NH
07.28. Air Canada Centre- Toronto, ON
07.29. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort- Mount Pleasant, MI
08.01. Times Union Center- Albany, NY
08.02. First Niagara Center- Buffalo, NY
08.03. Schottenstein Center- Columbus, OH
08.04. Bankers Life Fieldhouse- Indianapolis, IN