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18 Sep

Sevendust Gives Fans an In-Studio Look

Atlanta based rockers, Sevendust, have given fans and drummers the ultimate tease, while filling them with pure excitement, by releasing some in-studio footage of Morgan Rose as he tracks the latest collection of hard-hitting Sevendust songs. The videos, which can be seen below, show Morgan’s uniquely ambidextrous and well versed technique, as he slams away on his new Masters MCX kit displaying some fresh, solid grooves and showing off the powerful and explosive drumming that has become the signature sound behind Sevendust. For the recording of the new album, Morgan decided upon bringing his new Masters MCX kit in for the recording session, relying on the warmth and depth of the 6-ply, all-maple shells to give him the tones that he’s looking for. Morgan’s specs are as follow:

Masters MCX- custom lacquer

22x18- bass drum
12x9- tom
16x16- floor tom
18x16- floor tom
20x14- gong drum
6x12- rocket tom
6x15- rocket tom
10x4- Sopranino snare

Although there is still plenty of waiting left before the new Sevendust album hits the shelves, the band will be releasing more studio footage as the process continues on. Too keep up with their progress, be sure to visit them online at, or on the band’s official Facebook page. Keep up the great work Morgan!